Since 2010 I have enjoyed organizing and leading small, semi-private photography tours to some fantastic locations throughout the United States. My tours are all about the photography, and Itineraries are carefully planned to put you in the best places at the best time.

Some upcoming workshops are listed below. Click on a link to be taken to a PDF document that describes each photo adventure. Join me for a fantastic photo safari, where you'll hone your skills, witness some incredible places at the most beautiful times, have a lot of fun, and come home with a nice new portfolio of images.


Alaskan Bald Eagles Photo Adventure March 15th-24th 2019. Be thrilled by the chance to photograph lots of bald eagles up-close and personal as they dive, bank, grab fish out of the water, and perform aerial combat displays on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula. We will be shooting from a chartered boat as well as on land. Don't pass up this exceptional opportunity to capture some stunning eagle images! Limited to 5 participants. PDF coming soon, or email me for detailed information.

Nebraska Prairie Dance Photo Adventure April 4th-10th 2019. Join me for an exciting and captivating wildlife photography experience--- the wild and crazy courtship displays of greater prairie-chickens. We will be out early each morning, in our blinds before sunrise, and will have ringside seats for one of nature's most beautiful and ethereal experiences. Join me for this popular trip and witness the magic on the tallgrass prairie that inspired Native American ceremonial dances. Limited to 5 photographers. PDF coming soon, or email me for detailed information