"Images that stand alone"

I am a free lance photographer based in Indianapolis, Indiana. I was initially drawn to photography by my love of nature, which grabbed ahold of me at a very young age. When I was fourteen,I bought a used Graflex 35mm camera. Early subjects included great horned owls and the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Majoring in biology at Colorado State University made me realize that what I really was passionate about was photography. I transferred to Colorado Mountain College and earned a degree in Professional Photography.

Like so many occupations, one's real photographic education begins when they get out of school. For years I took workshops from tthe nation's top photographers and editors, and began writing and photographing self-assigned stories. Already my interests had expanded from nature and wildlife to stories about people and places, resulting in travels to Mexico, India, Nepal, and Pakistan.

In 1988 I moved from western Colorado to Indianapolis to add commercial, corporate, and architectural photography to my mix of assignments. Although I still really enjoy shooting nature and landscape images, I also love the variety that my other types of assignments give me.. It keeps things fresh and interesting, and tricks I learn on one type of shoot often can be applied beautifully to another type of assignment. One of the greatest benefits of what I do is the access I am granted to special places and situations, and the chance to meet and work with wonderful people. I feel grateful to have found photography as my life's work.